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What is Family Life Ministry?

Family Life Ministry is simply helping singles; couples and families produce strong marriages and families in order to promote Christian morality. Everyone has an idea on how to define a marriage and family these days. Parkway’ Family Life Ministry (PFLM) exists to Honor God and help people conducts their lives in ways that are pleasing to Him. God, per His word has certain ways that  marriages and families are  to reproduce themselves, expressed themselves sexually, provide for the nurturing of children, economic cooperation, prescribe roles to family members, receive social status and just  as important as the aforementioned received emotional support from their family.

Today’s families are so diverse, singles, married , divorced, blended, households with working wives and mothers, along with non married couples living together(cohabitation), that many enter into  these important relationships,  scared, confused, lacking direction or with little skills on how to make any of these important relationships work, God’s way.

Parkway’s Family life ministry and purpose statement is to build a bridge between all the ideologies one may have acquired going about life and help someone to finally stop and draw a line in the sand and say I am going to build my life, marriage and family around God’s time tested principals that work and provide for my best in all areas.

Parkway’s Family Life Ministry gets the job done by taking a holistic approach to ministry including, prevention, strengthening and building skills (enrichment), counseling and mentoring, and community outreach.

Stanley Winters, Minister Parkway Church of Christ



Growing Kids God's Way

Growing Kids God’s Way (GKGW) is a comprehensive 17 weeks parenting class that helps married couples unite and get on the same page regarding first their relationship with the Lord, then their priority relationship as a couple.

Encouragement and discipline can lead to a lot of frustration, anger, and disagreement about the when, how and why of parenting your loved one. GKGW minimizes these factors so you can enjoy your children more, help them be a blessing to others and achieve the covet ant desired outcome of holiness in your children...

Some of the topics include: How to Raise a Moral Child, The Father’s Mandate, Character Development (Authority and Parents, Age and Peers, Property and Nature), Principles and Elements of Obedience, Discipline Issues, Repentance, Forgiveness, and Restoration


The Art of Marriage

The Parkway church of Christ is proud to present The Art of Marriage seminar, a new one-and-a half day video event.
The Art of Marriage consists of six video sessions and an accompanying manual that provides couples with projects to help apply the principles taught during each session. The manual is also designed for couples to use after the event by offering articles, date night ideas, and useful tips for continuing to strengthen their marriage.
The video event weaves together some of the following elements to help couples fully experience God’s design for marriage:
Engaging stories
Real-life testimonies
Man-on-the-street interviews 
Humorous vignettes


Registration and Event Date Coming Soon



Women's Ministry
Kindred Sister's Fellowship Each month, the Sisters at Parkway get together to strengthen their relationships and encourage one another's spiritual growth. If you’d enjoy the opportunity to “connect” with your sisters on a monthly basis, th... [more]