The Godliness Series
June 25, 2017     .     9:30 am - 10:30 am
Sunday morning Bible class and Wednesday evening mid week services.

Men and Women’s Godliness/Character series starts April 2nd at Parkway church of Christ.
Some of the themes covered will be:

• Living up to God’s design for male leadership of the family.
• Becoming a Kingdom minded man- the unmistakable sense of purpose, the reputation marked by integrity, the willingness to be a strong leader and tender caregiver at the same time-(these are desirable traits that godly women are looking for in a man).
• A Godly man and His personal/family/church/community life
• What really makes a woman beautiful, What’s God’s perspective?
• Feeling good about yourself
• Being a good wife and a good lover
• Balancing career and family
• Finding freedom in Christ
• Being wise and sensible
• Being an exemplary homemaker

Specific topics for our young men and women (13-25) to grow in Godliness:

• How do we recognize a “man of God”?
• A good reputation.
• Being morally pure
• Wise and humble.
• Unselfish and Generous
• Able to teach and be taught (communicates sensitively in a non-threatening and non-defensive manner)