Stanley Winters, Shepherd, Minister, Evangelist

Stanley Winters, Gospel Minister of the Parkway church of Christ in Sacramento and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT).

Bro. Winters has been preaching the gospel for over 23 years, and with God's help baptizing people, saving souls, and growing them up in Christ.
He works full time for Kaiser Permanente as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specifically helping teen's regain their lives from alcohol/drug addiction which involves helping the parents and grandparents deal with parenting, codependency, boundaries, and enabling.
Bro. Winters currently holds two roles at the Parkway church of Christ, Evangelist and Family Life Minister, which include developing, teaching, and directing a Family Life team that address most concerns with a family system (Growing Kids God's Way, Marriage and parenting classes/seminars, The Christian Home, Men's roles and responsibilities, Singles in Christ, and Counseling).

Bro. Winters has been married for over 22 years to his lovely wife Debra Winters and God has blessed them with seven beautifully children ranging in ages from 4 years of age to nineteen.
Bro. Winters holds a Masters Degree in Counseling in Psychology and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting.