George Steinert, Shepherd

George Steinert was baptized into Christ in 1966 at Orangevale, CA.  He served seven years in the U.S. Navy during which time he attended the churches in the cities where he was stationed:  Pensacola, FL; Laurel, Maryland; and San Angelo, TX. 


He married Laurie Arnst in 1970 and they are still happily enjoying married life.  He retired from California State government in 2006 after 32 years of service where he successfully led a team of professionals providing training to State employees. 


Together George and Laurie have three grown children (Melinda, Ben, and Erin)—all baptized believers—who live in the Sacramento area.  As one of the original members who broke ground at the Tangerine Avenue property, he labored steadfastly every Saturday for over a year to help with the construction of the building.   


With his affinity for music, George has been leading congregational a cappella singing for over 40 years.  When he's not leading singing, he prefers to sing tenor, but can switch to bass if needed.  In the past he has taught many Bible classes from Jr. High School to Adult ages and loves studying, writing and talking about the Word of God.  George also enjoys woodworking, amateur radio, photography, computers, bicycling, kayaking, and home-roasting coffee. 


With a Master's Degree in Psychology, George has spent decades honing skills in communication, administration, and leading, participating, and consulting with teams.  George has written and collaborated on the development of many works for teaching the Gospel and Christian living, including "I Believe," "Gospel in a Nutshell," and "Discovering Christ," all of which emphasize the simplicity of the Gospel message.  He has been the editor of Parkway's Sunday bulletin for over 26 years. 


George is devoted to church leadership and strives at all times to protect the local congregation in which he has been called to serve as an elder.  Like most things he does, he takes his Christian life seriously.    With his "take no prisoners" approach, he considers being a Christian as the most important thing in life and holding fast to Jesus and His Word as the only thing that will truly last. 


George says, "I have too many favorite scriptures to pick one and I love reading scripture aloud.  The trick is to see the words through the tears when I read about God's love for us."