2019 Mighty Men Conference - Jan26

December 16, 2018

Mighty Men’s Seminar
Parkway is continuing to look for involved, responsible and committed men. One of the ways we go about this is to engage, equip and educate men. Manhood is no joke, done right, you have health, joy, legacy, family togetherness, God’s blessing and the comfort of looking back and seeing a life well lived.
Done wrong (for whatever reason) you may have unresolved conflict, addictions, males in the family not aspiring for godly leadership, and unresolved problems in all or some of your relational areas. Problems with God, your wife, your children, your money, your work and your ministry. Parkway is committed to making a difference in men’s live, so please come out Saturday January 26th and add to your learning, pick up some new skills, and /or just provide hope by fellowshipping with other men. Young men age 12 and above are encouraged to attend.
Some of the topics covered will be:  Godly male leadership, what does it look like?
 Encouraging and Motivating young males to be men. With all the emphasis on today’s marijuana, opiates, and alcohol we will look at trends, and the difference between use and abuse. We will also have our own Medical Doctor to talk about specific health issues that impact us personally or someone we love.
Stanley Winters,
Minister and Shepherd